ThRivE Ambassador's FAQs

What would be my obligation as a Country Ambassador?

To be the eyes and ears of Thrive to residents of your country. Also to coordinate all Thrive projects and engagements in your country so that impact could be made onto the grassroot as much as possible.

Am I going to be financially committed at any point?

No, Ambassadors are free of any financial obligations.

Do I work alone or I have co-Ambassadors in my region?

It depends on the region you are located. Some regions have two or more co-Ambassadors.

What do I stand to gain/enjoy as an Ambassador?

Making impacts to humanity is the brain behind thrive; hence, every thrive Ambassador stands the chance of being a part of global network of like-minds working to ensure that there is a definition to life of individuals irrespective of their natural disadvantages.

As an Ambassador, can I also apply for these various opportunities?


Is there going to be provisions for meetings to ask questions and get updated about any new development?

Yes, you will be part of Thrive's global ambassadors network. Proper medium of communication will be created for ambassadors.

How much of my time is required?

Thrive is a setup built on innovation, trust, selflessness and credibility; hence, a fluid system is run which allows Ambassadors coin their ways of carrying out their duties diligently.

What are the criteria for becoming an Ambassador?

Kindly check the ‘Become an Ambassador’ section.

How do I become an Ambassador?

Check the ‘Become an Ambassador scetion, then click on read more button’ to see the eligibility form. Do fill out the form and submit an application. Contact will be made thereafter.

What happens to me in a situation where I am unable to discharge my duties?

Contact should be made with Thrive PRO or any Executive member as soon as possible through the ‘contact us’ option.

Can I terminate my membership at any given point in time?

Yes, you can! Your role is on an 'at-will basis'. However, Contact should be made with Thrive PRO or any Executive member as soon as possible through the ‘contact us’ option.


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