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AI4Dev 2020 Challenge (Leveraging Technology to Achieve United Nations SDGs)

The Application for AI4Dev will be closed on 17 of November 2020.

AI for Development (AI4Dev) is a challenge that aims to identify great ideas in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and utilize its impact on 4 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Arab & African states.


  • If you can innovatively provide a solution for one of our targeted SDGs, your idea will be selected to receive mentorship and training from experts in the field, guidance in developing prototypes and exposure while presenting to industry experts, in the attendance of representatives from UN, and multinational organizations. Above all of that, 4 winners will be granted prizes valued as follows:

1ST Place


2ND Place


3RD Place


4TH Place


AI4Dev Selection Criteria

Wondering if you have what it takes to be a part of the change and become acknowledged by ITU as an emerging innovator in the Arab & African states?

Problem Relevance Does your idea relate to at least one the four stated tracks of SDGs and applies to at least the country of submission? Solution Urgency Is your product needed urgently and will impact vulnerable groups and beneficiaries? Solution Scalability Is the solution you are offering scalable with minimal investments needed in new geolocations? Team Requirements Are you a diverse team of not less than 2 with at least 1 female member, and have the business and technical skills needed to move forward with your idea? If you don't have a team, Click here to team up! Use of AI Is AI the core of your idea and is being used innovatively as an integral part of the solution? Data Acquisition Is the data planned sufficiently to sustain your model? Do you know how to acquire your needed data?



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