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IDEX Is Developing The Next Wave Of "Social Intrapreneurs" Who Will Support, Lead And Advance The Work Of Socially-Focused Enterprises Around The World!

This Fellowship is for young professionals (21 - 35 years old) from across the globe who want to deep dive into the social impact sector and make the transition to social enterprise practitioner. Now in its 10th year of operation, the IDEX Fellowship offers applicants multiple options in terms of how they may direct their fellowship experience and learnings. We’ve worked hard to ensure the accessibility of the program and now we’re going a step ahead. The virtual program is designed to enable young professionals to acquire the tools and resources to operate virtually as well as upskill themselves for a successful career in social entrepreneurship. IDEX has the privilege of working with some of the most influential organisations (sneak peek here). We've come to better understand how to bridge the talent gap in this rapidly evolving development sector. Now, we're searching all corners of the world for individuals who are committed and passionate about having a high-impact career and advancing the social impact space.

The Virtual Fellowship Program

Ideal for those looking to continue their present living/working situations and keen on exploring career/specialization opportunities in the social impact sector and seeking upskilling for the same. Especially suitable for those looking to equip themselves with the tools and resources to work effectively in a virtual environment. Each Fellow will gain access to the online learning labs/ project with 3-4 social enterprises from across the globe/ learning webinars/live community engagement with 300+ alumni/and one-on-one meetings with resident mentors. Supported in terms of key theory and practical subject knowledge and understanding how one might begin to align themselves professionally towards pursuing a career in the sector. Your organisation has the opportunity to participate as one of the live case challenges wherein the Cohort will work with a senior member or Founder of your organisation to develop real-world solutions to an existing problem statement in your organisation.


Strategically transitioning your professional skills to service the development sector with greater emerging markets context. Adding professional credibility while accessing relevant and progressive Professional Development Learning Labs covering themes of human-centred Design, Resource Mobilization, Communications Strategies and Impact Assessment Capacity Building Sessions led by Subject Matter Experts who are seasoned professionals and thought leaders in their respective fields Being engaged with an incredible diversity of world views and experiences Life Skilling – getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Exposure to invaluable professional networks and alumni network opportunities. Internationally recognized Professional Certification in Social Enterprise and post-fellowship support. A global family for life!


We are seeking young professionals (ages 21-35) who have a proven track record of leadership and are seeking to use their education and skills to address social and economic challenges for under-served populations. IDEX Fellows come from a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds, as each individual fellowship position requires different specific skills. Ideal candidates will possess: Bachelors or Masters degree. A minimum of 1 to 3 years of work experience. Proven track record of leadership responsibilities. A passion and desire to work or learn about emerging markets and use social enterprise principles to solve global issues. An ability to quickly adapt and work in resource-constrained environments. Desire to engage in an intense professional development experience while applying creative solutions to deepen the impact.


Step 1: Design An Authentic Resume Let’s be honest it’s hard to find good, consistent advice these days on how to develop an effective resume. So they asked their Executive Director to give them (and you) her best advice based on her personal experience. Before you start putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) or worse re-using an old resume, they recommend: Ask for constructive feedback by asking those you trust “What 3 things should I change, enhance, or remove from my resume?”

Step 2: Get Statement Of Purpose Inspiration! They’ve read thousands (actually 10,354) of cover letters over the past seven years. So they’re looking for something fresh! They love when people wow them with something professional, authentic yet unexpected. This week, they recommend reading: Three Secrets to Writing the Perfect Resume. The 8 Cover Letters You Need to Read Now The New Rules of The Modern Cover Letter

Step 3: Tackle The Scholarship Essay Questions Oftentimes, when applicants are moving through the application they dread the essay portion. However, this is the one portion that they LOVE best at IDEX as atolls them so much about who you are! This is a great opportunity for you to make your application stand out by: Showing us you understand who we are and what we’re about? It’s safe to say that you’ve looked on our website at the very least, but how much do you know about our history? Our team? Our core philosophy? This acknowledgement and understanding can be a real game-changer if crafted strategically into your essay responses.

Telling us why you really want to spend six-months in IDEX over anything else in the world? Let’s be honest, everyone likes a good ego-stroke! But we’re looking for authenticity in every inch of your application. Don’t opt for clever words to freshen up a generic statement. Instead use real, authentic words that show your personality. Tell us your story, how you found us and what compelled you to spend six months of your life with us.

Highlighting your portfolio or tangible work that compliments your application while answering the essay questions. Did you recently publish an article, white paper or perhaps short video on a topic of interest to you or work on a social campaign that further shows us why you want to work in social enterprise? Awesome! We encourage you to include links to meaningful and relevant work you’ve produced within your essay response. It’s never a bad idea to re-enforce your skills or highlight an accomplishment. Just be sure that it’s relevant to the question at hand and strategically inserted.

Step 4: Develop A Fundraising Gameplan We’re always saddened when applicants who had high hopes for joining IDEX are admitted only to decline the opportunity because they were not prepared financially. It’s important to keep in mind that financial need is not one of the considerations IDEX staff and alumni looking for in regards to scholarship funding- it’s based on pure passion! We recommend: Start to scenario plan very early on your fundraising strategy if you are awarded less than the amount you expected.

Reach out to your personal and professional networks for support with fundraising for your fellowship program.

Take the initiative to scope out and look up IDEX Alumni (LinkedIn is a great bet to find them!) to see how they’ve successfully used crowd-funding to make their fellowship possible.

Step 5: Final Touches Before submitting your application, make sure each attachment (cover letter, resume, essays) are complimentary of each other but not redundant. Think of it as us peeling an onion. Each document should reveal a different layer about you. We love stories so be sure to consider the reviewer experience when editing.



" Lighting the candle of others won’t blow yours out " - Al