Apply for a fully-funded Udacity Tech Scholarship. (Transform your career in tech today)

Apply for a fully-funded Udacity tech scholarship, dedicated to transforming the lives of 60,000 African youth, providing in-demand tech skills development coupled with a connected community and experienced network to launch a global technology career.

Who is this programme for?

  • If you are excited about the digital disruptions taking place across the globe and are looking to gain specialized skills that will help you break into a high income, globally-relevant tech career, this is for you.

  • Age: 18 to 35 year-old African Youth

  • Career Status : Fresh Graduates, Career switchers, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers & Junior to Mid-level professionals looking to transform their lives at Zero-cost.

  • Eligible Countries; Eligible for all Africans

Apply in 4 Easy Steps

STEP 1 Explore available Scholarship Programmes 1- Foundational – Beginner Level Programme 2- Nanodegree – Advanced Level Programme

STEP 2 Choose your specialisation Select the Nanodegree program or course you are most interested in and that fits your career goals.

STEP 3 Check your programme Read all the programme information such as expected outcomes, prerequisites, duration…etc. Ensure you meet the requirements.

STEP 4 Apply Apply by clicking the Apply Now button, complete your profile and fill in the application!

Choose your specialisation to take a step forward!

Javascript Programming Explore Course Python Programming Explore Course Web Development Explore Course

Nanodegree Programmes For African youth with a background in Data, Cloud or Programming. (Prerequisites apply*)Explore all courses