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Apply for African ChangeMakers Online Mentorship Program, Cohort 2, 2020

The application close on July 29, 2020.

African ChangeMakers Mentorship program serves as a platform for emerging youth, women, men, teen boys and girls to learn, share, collaborate through mentoring. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, we acknowledge the various specific needs of youth, women, men, teen boys and girls through investing in education, leadership development and life-skills that’s critical in strengthening the vital roles youth, women, men, teen boys and girls can play in building a stronger Africa community, career and business.

#MENtoringBOYS #WOMENtoringGIRL #MentoringYouth

African Changemakers Mentorship (#ACMentorship) close the gap of self-development with our powerful support network at every level in life for emerging youth, women, men, teen boys and girls from every background by connecting them to established, skilled, expert and professional’s women and men from different sectors both local or global for knowledge transfer/sharing, solutions-to-problems, self-development, open doors of opportunities and empowerment of a new generation of African leaders.

African Changemakers Mentorship (#ACMentorship) makes a difference in the lives emerging youth, women, men, teen boys and girls by sharpening mindset, developing local and global views, human empathy, leadership, civic engagement and entrepreneurial skills for both personal and career development.

African Changemakers Mentorship program is very flexible with everyone put at the heart of the program development, as we are creating a sense of urgency in youth to step-up to leadership roles in their communities and at the global stage through African ChangeMakers Mentorship program.

African ChangeMakers Online Mentorship.

African ChangeMakers Peer-to-Peer Mentorship.

African ChangeMakers Face-to-Face Mentorship

As A Mentor: African Changemakers is challenging you to step-up your game in every area of your life skills, expertise and experience to supercharge your ability and double your efforts to mentor others (youth, women, men, teen boys & girls) in your community, somebody somewhere helped you and open doors of opportunity for you to get to where you are in life. Why not “PAY IT FORWARD” to others? #iamthechangeAFRICA.

As A Mentee: African Changemakers is challenging you to step-up your game and double your efforts beyond in every area of your life that needs development and improvement by connecting with a mentor at ACMentorship events (either online or face-to-face event) to learn skills, expertise and experience from mentors in your community/country. #WearetheCHANGE.


  • 18 – 23 years old

  • A citizen from any of the 54 African countries.

  • Training is in English Language – can read and speak in English.

  • Have access to internet, data, computer, laptop or mobile device to connect to online program.

  • Able to commit a full 3 hours a week to the program.

  • Passionate about developing your career and professional skills.

  • Passionate about using your skills to make a positive impact in your community and businesses.

  • Interested in leadership and innovation for Africa sustainable development.

  • Can demonstrate leadership and collaborative skills with people.

  • Can demonstrate initiative, self-direction, and a “can-do” attitude.



" Lighting the candle of others won’t blow yours out " - Al