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Apply for Virtual Summer Research Programme 2020

Applications are due May 31st, 2020, at 11:59 PM PKT.

Programme Dates: 1st July to 16th August 2020

YCR Summer Research Programme is a great opportunity to learn and grow on a personal level. Not only it provides a chance to develop and diversify skillsets by engaging in a thought-provoking research experience but also lends an opportunity to virtually explore the world and build a network beyond the national borders. It is a 6-week programme that aims to break the traditional disciplinary boundaries and delve into the emerging interdisciplinary research journey. They encourage participants to develop critical research questions that aim to fundamentally transform societies for a better and inclusive future.

The programme is planned in a way that helps participants to develop their research questions related to the themes they chose to work on. YCR esteemed research advisors, thereafter, will support them in developing their research and getting it published on credible platforms. They believe that it is essential for students pursuing their degrees in research to have interdisciplinary knowledge and experience to be well prepared for the emerging globalized world. Interdisciplinary research allows students to go beyond traditional lines and enable them to develop different viewpoints and contrasting ideas for solving global problems. Furthermore, it is also crucial for effective policymaking that aims at addressing national and global issues. Therefore, at YCR Summer Research Programme they encourage participants to engage in diverse policy discourses and assist them in devising efficient policies through our interdisciplinary approach. Because participants belong to diverse backgrounds, they encourage them to engage socially and academically. Given their respective strengths and weaknesses, participants support each other in different ways, which helps them in building a community-style environment that nurtures diversity and equality.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • College/High School Students: applying for universities this year who are willing to experience the research-oriented environment of higher studies and looking forward to having a rigorous, inclusive and holistic learning experience.

  • University Students: who are currently enrolled in full-time bachelors or Masters Degree programme.

  • Students who want to expand their horizon of learning beyond borders and have a multicultural environment at home, and who are willing to share their own experiences with others, are highly encouraged to apply.

  • Students with previous research experience; and/or who are passionate to research and learn about global social, economic and political issues.

  • Virtual study programs enrollees and Non-traditional students: Individuals who are looking forward to diversifying their study experience are encouraged to take part in this programme. Not only it will help in polishing professional skills, but will also help in personal development and growth.

Young Researchers will be selected based on their dedication towards the programme. The same will be evaluated through their applications. Since the program is formatted in a non-traditional manner, therefore, a strong sense of commitment, flexibility, patience, appreciation and proactive participation are particularly important.

Road Map of the Summer Programme

YCR Summer Research Programme consists of 6 weeks of research related course work. The first few weeks consist of introductory sessions in which we equip participants with the necessary knowledge about how to conduct research and what methodologies and techniques can be employed for conducting different forms of research. This year they have planned to re-orient the strategy in the context of the current Covid-19 pandemic. They will be conducting sessions about how participants can adjust to the current unprecedented situation, to carry on their research endeavours, unhindered by the present global settings. Before the sessions commence, the team will provide necessary course material that covers the basics of research methodologies, including data analysis, qualitative research techniques, and literature reviews. They will build upon these basics later during our 6-weeks sessions to ensure that our participants can conduct their research.

Programme Advisors:

YCR advisors are professionals from diverse countries and backgrounds and have hands-on experience in the field of social research. They will be mentoring participants about essentialities of conducting quality research while drawing from their relevant past experiences. This close engagement with these professionals will help young researchers approach broad development problems and learn methodologies and other techniques to understand socio-economic and political issues. Furthermore, they will also guide them about the prospect of their work in different social sciences fields.




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