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Asian Development Bank Courses with Free Certificates | ADBI E-Learning

Welcome to ADBI E-Learning

Your virtual Asia Pacific development classroom

  • Learn from leading experts

  • Earn training certificates

  • Boost your career

Why choose ADBI E-Learning?

  • Tuition-free training courses in Asia Pacific development

  • Access to lectures from leading experts on key development topics

  • Training certificates issued by ADBI for completed courses

  • Build your qualifications for Asia Pacific development jobs and promotion opportunities

  • Manage your course completion progress with personalized user accounts

Which ADBI E-Learning option is right for you?

Online Lecture Series

  • Online courses available to all, anytime

  • Choose from a range of development topics

  • Earn training certificates and track your progress

Policy Maker E-Training

  • Fixed semester-length training courses for policy makers

  • Online + in-classroom learning at Asian Development Bank Institute in Tokyo

  • Supports career development



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