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The DEADLINE for submitting applications is 15 JANUARY 2021.

New Europe College-Institute for Advanced Study in Bucharest (Romania) launches the annual competition for the 2021/2022 Fellowships. Romanian and international scholars (at postdoctoral level) in all fields of the humanities and social sciences (including law and economics) are invited to apply.


The Fellowship consists of:

  • A monthly stipend of 850 Euros (tax-free)

  • Accommodation in Bucharest, comprising living quarters and working space

  • Reimbursement of travel costs from the home/residence country to Bucharest and back.

  • Fellows who stay for the whole academic year are offered a one-month research trip to an institution of their choice.

  • Fellows have free access to the NEC library and electronic resources.

What's expected

  • Fellows are expected to work on their projects and take part in the scientific events organized by NEC.

  • Presence at the weekly seminars discussing the work in progress of the Fellows is compulsory.

  • At the end of their Fellowship, Fellows are expected to hand in a research paper, reflecting the results of their work over the duration of the Fellowship.

  • The papers will be included in a NEC publication.


NEC Fellowships are open to postdoctoral level scholars (with the exception of Pontica Magna, which also accepts applications from doctoral students and non-degree candidates –

Romanian and international candidates in all fields of the humanities and social sciences are eligible for the core NEC program.

Other Fellowship programs target candidates from specific countries or academic fields. Visit the official website


Non-Romanian citizens: a full academic year or one term (5 months, starting with October 2021 or March 2022).

How to apply

Applications are submitted via NEC’s application platform available at applications.nec.ro. NEC accepts applications in English, French or German.

Documents needed for applying

Please note that you need to upload several documents to the application platform: – a recent photo – a scan of your PhD diploma – at least two original letters of reference (in English, French, or German) written explicitly to support your application for the NEC Fellowship. Referees can be invited to upload the letters themselves. Please answer all the questions mentioned in the application form and do not exceed the allotted space. The project itself should not exceed 12,000 characters (with spaces), including footnotes/endnotes and bibliographical references. The project should describe the state of research in your particular area of interest and indicate your objectives; it should also include bibliographical references.

Selection criteria

• High quality of the candidate’s academic portfolio and publications, participation in international research; • Innovative research proposal with significant contribution to scholarship; • Interdisciplinary and/or comparative approaches are an advantage.


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