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Call for Contribution to ZNotes: Create Notes and Resources for Millions of Students Globally

Free & Complete Revision Notes for International Examinations

Designed to be concise so you can get the complete content and accelerate your revision for exams. Absolutely free, making it possible for anyone anywhere to make their life better through access to education.

For students, by students

Written by a growing team of students around the world who have aced their own exams and now collaborate to help others wanting to learn and achieve good grades.

What is ZNotes?

An organisation started and run by students from across the world, dedicating their time and sharing their resources for the common goal: Making it possible for anyone, anywhere, to make life better through access to education

ZNotes is supporting goal number 4: Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning


High achieving students from across the world get in touch and decide to dedicate hours of time in constructing the first set of draft notes for a subject ZNotes gets in touch with other students and content specialists to validate the content and thoroughly check against the syllabus The team at ZNotes work with the students to bring the signature look and feel to the notes making sure they are beautiful yet concise Final checks are conducted and the notes are proofread before being added to the website Always striving for perfection! They keep a close eye on comments and record any typos or mistakes found, to correct and update immediately A huge community of learners on Discord study together, use the revision notes and help each other to make sure you do the very best on your exams. Join the community here



" Lighting the candle of others won’t blow yours out " - Al