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Call for ThRivE Opportunities - Country Ambassadors

Deadline: Friday, August 21st - 00:00 GMT

An opportunity discovery channel, that disseminates opportunities like Conferences, Fellowships, Scholarships, Exchange Programs, etc. online for FREE on ThRivE Opportunities, in a bid to ensure everyone has access to them. We believe limitations centered around our births shouldn’t stop anyone from being equipped to contribute maximally to the growth and betterment of his environment and lives around them respectively.

At ThRivE we believe in the phrase “lighting the candle(s) of others, won’t blow yours out"

  • Do you share the same sentiment with us “lighting the candle(s) of others, won’t blow yours out”?

  • Do you strive to make a positive impact on society?

  • Do you see yourself as a rainbow in someone’s cloud?


  • Age 18-28

  • Open to all

  • Social Media Skills is a plus

If you answer yes to all and meet the below requirement. Click the link to Apply


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DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that thriveopportunities  is not in any way affiliated with any of the opportunity providers featured in this website. The information shared here is solely to help “bridge opportunity gaps” between providers and applicants. We  suggest you visit the opportunity’s official page for detailed information.