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Create your own Superhero (Total Prizes Worth $90,000)

Deadline to send your Superhero into the battlefield is 18th September 2020

Superhero U is designed to identify and nurture talent through creative thinking, entrepreneurship, and innovation—all of which can earn prizes such as cash, gadgets, scholarships, internships, and learning opportunities to name a few. They will be choosing winners from each state and province around the globe.

Express your creative thinking, entrepreneurship, and innovation through designing your own hero in posters, comic strip, video, or videogame featuring your hero to solve a global problem.

Imagine... yourself as social entrepreneur… passionate about solving a real-world challenge… who would you be? What problem are you solving? How will you solve it? Complex modern challenges require innovation, drive, and a spark of superpowers! to solve in a unique and imaginative way. Innovate... a Superhero that takes on those challenges and show them what they can do.

Illustrate... by telling them your story! Submit written content, illustration, posters, photo collages, even movies that can tell us about your Superhero's mission to create, innovate, and problem-solve. Inspire... creativity, in yourself and among your peers!

Why Should you participate?

Explore Provide significant educational opportunities to you and stimulate your intellectual and creative abilities.

Experience Discover innovative and out-of-the-box solutions for the current social issues

Engage Empower your mind and broaden your thoughts to create a version of an ideal world.

Earn Synthesize reasoning, expressiveness, and social empathy in the best possible manner.


  • Cash – $ 10,000

  • Amazon/gift cards – $ 20,000

  • Gadgets – $10000

  • Scholarship – $40,000

  • Badges, goodies etc – $10000


  • High school, College Students -individuals or teams of up to 4

  • Anyone from any state or province around the globe

How to enter

A short write up and Poster OR any visual representation of your superhero to portray your Superhero and describe the challenge your Superhero facing on their mission


  • Write-up can be a word document of up to 500 words.

  • Write-up should be in English language only.

  • Pictures can be added in the write-ups to make it interesting (optional).


  • Posters or visual entry should be PowerPoint, pdf, JPG, JPEG or PNG format

  • Handmade posters or visuals are also allowed

  • Should be in English language only

  • Make it as creative and self-explanatory as possible



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