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Dell Technologies Virtual Summer Academy

Deadline 27 June 2021

A one-month online program offering a unique learning experience from the 3rd of August till the 9th of September.

The Summer Academy is a one-month online program that offers you a unique learning experience and the opportunity to develop skills that add a lot to your technical personal qualifications.

If you are a Computer Science or Engineering Student graduating in 2022, passionate about technology and eager to learn, apply now.

  • Information Storage Management Training

  • Hands-on experience in different technologies; IoT, Virtualization, Virtual/Augmented Reality and more

  • Soft Skills Training

  • Leadership Talks

  • Coaching Sessions

Profiles Needed

  • Computer Science or Engineering Students

  • Graduating in 2022

  • Passionate about Technology

  • Eager to learn

  • Good Command of English Language



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