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DESY Summer Student Programme 2020 in Germany

The 2020 programme will take place from July 21 to September 10. The online application will be open during the period 17 Dec 2019 - 31 Jan 2020.

Each summer DESY offers undergraduate students in physics, related natural science disciplines or computing the possibility to participate in the research activities of the laboratory. Selected candidates join in the day-to-day work of research groups at the DESY Laboratory in Hamburg or Zeuthen (Berlin) and participate in one of these activities.

While the work in the groups is the main activity, there will also be a series of lectures (given in English) related to the research done at DESY. Visits to the accelerators and experiments are also included in this programme.


Program A : Experiments with Synchrotron Radiation (only at Hamburg)

Students join photon science groups at DESY engaged in fundamental and applied

research in the fields of physics, biology, chemistry, crystallography, material science, and geological science. Some of the students will work in the frame of the European XFEL project. The work includes participation in activities like preparation and realization of measurements, evaluation of measured data, and technical improvements of instrumentation.

Information about the different categories within A1-A6 can be found here.

Program B: Research in Elementary Particle and Astroparticle Physics, accelerators and computing:

Summer students will work in the physics analysis, software or detector related fields of experiments in elementary particle physics (ATLAS, CMS, ILC, BELLE II, ALPS II) and astroparticle physics (CTA, IceCube), development of particle accelerators, theory of elementary particles and astroparticles, or computing.

Information about the different categories B1-B6 can be found here

Who can apply


  • Please take note that due to regulations for paid traineeships in Germany we can only accept students that are enrolled at their university for the whole period of the summer student programme.

  • Applicants should have completed, by the summer of 2020, at least three years of full-time studies at the university level in physics, related natural science disciplines or computing. Please take note that a large majority of projects we offer is for physics students. The main target audiences are students who in summer 2020 are at the following two stages:

  • - they are about to obtain their Bachelor degree

  • - they have a Bachelor degree and are within the first year of studies for a Master degree.

  • Applicants who already obtained a master-degree or will obtain the master degree in 2020 are not accepted.

  • Applicants should not have previously been at DESY as a summer student

  • Please note that all applicants should have a good working knowledge of English, some basic computing skills and are committed to attend the whole programme.

Duration and dates: The Summer student programme takes place from July 21 to September 10 2020. The students are expected to stay for the full period.

Allowances: DESY Summer Students will be paid a subsistence allowance to cover living expenses for a single person.

Travel expenses: Travel expenses will be subsidized.

Documents to be uploaded:

  • In the course of this application, you will have to upload a few documents. The uploading is to be done on the second page of the application. All documents should be in PDF format.

  • a CV (curriculum vitae), the CV should be in tabular form only and contain personal data, educational history / relevant work experience, computing and other relevant work skills (usually 1-2 pages are sufficient for the complete CV).

  • University grade certificates (e.g. bachelor certificate, credit points, etc.).

Applicants from Non-EU and Non-EEA Countries are requested to upload in addition a copy of their valid passport in English language, Please upload it one the second page of the application.

If any of the documents required to be uploaded are missing your application cannot be considered.

Two reference letters:

Please note that you need to ask your two referees for their permission before giving their names and email

addresses in this online form. The referees will get an automatic email notification with instructions where to upload their reference letters.



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