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Fonds Ernest Solvay Funds

Deadline: 15th March 2021

One of the primary aims of the Ernest Solvay Fund is to promote interest in scientific and technological training and development, both in Belgium and abroad. It does this by supporting initiatives in both education and entrepreneurship in areas of science and technology such as chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics and earth sciences. The medical and pharmaceutical fields are not a priority.

Applications for support can be submitted by completing the online form in the language of the form. Twice a year, in the spring and autumn, the Management Committee meets to select initiatives which are in accordance with the aim of the Fund. Projects with potential impact and an innovative character can be supported.

Financial support

up to € 7500

Who is it for?

Any organization implementing a non-commercial project which is intended to promote and encourage: 1. scientific/technological training or study as a choice for young people and/or training of their entrepreneurial skills; 2. promotion of and involvement in scientific research 3. scientific and technological entrepreneurship. Applications for scholarships for studies or research, in the frame of doctoral or postdoctoral research, are not taken into consideration. The organization of conferences may be taken into account provided they bring together young people for educational purposes. The projects outside the European borders have to be realized in countries where Solvay is active or be supported by or implemented in partnership with a European organization.


Start 1/12/2020 Submit until 15/03/2021 Announcement of selection 17/05/2021

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