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Fully-funded #FutureTeam thematic event «Future Team: 2030 agenda» in Moscow,Russia.

The registration is open until the 15 of March 2020.

Fully-funded #FutureTeam thematic event «Future Team: 2030 agenda» within the Forum "Russia - Land of Opportunity”, which is to be held on April 19 – 22 in Moscow.

As a part of the event different aspects of formal and informal education are to be discussed, including future of education, in-demand specialities, the role of volunteerism and sport in it, health literacy, training, team building, debates contest etc. It will be a great chance to put your leadership and oratory skills into practice, to meet your #WFYS friends and those who joined Future Team since then.

Future team is an international network movement bringing together prominent young leaders and professionals from 180 countries. Future team is pleased to serve as a mediator on the path to the implementation of your ambitious projects and creative ideas, to help expand the circle of your interethnic contacts among motivated young people and organizations interested in international youth cooperation.


They are looking for well qualified young leaders: students, NGO-founders, politicians, volunteers, social activists; aged 18-35 and with an advanced level of English proficiency.


The event is fully–funded, which means that organizers cover:

  • Accommodation

  • Meals (partly)

  • Participation fee

  • Flight tickets from the place of your residence to Moscow

For the first time, Future Team selects English speaking Russian participants as well!


There are three steps to apply:

  • Register at the https://futureteam.world Online-Platform, as you must be a Future Team member in order to participate in the meeting (Applications of people, who are not registered at the platform won’t be considered.)

  • Send a scan of your travel passport (a good quality scan, not a phone picture) and a document type photo to contact@futureteam.world with the topic of the letter «YOUR_FULL_NAME_COUNTRY».

All the 3 steps are compulsory!

The registration is open until the 15 of March 2020.


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