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Girls Voices for Change Contest

Girls’ Voices believes that every girl deserves an education, that every girl has a voice, and that those voices drive change. Change starts young, and it starts with you. As future community leaders, we want to see how you create positive change in your community, helping people, pets/animals, and the planet.

In this year's Girls' Voices for Change contest, you can submit a video proposal for a change-making idea in your community and/or a photo essay showing positive change taking place in your life.

Submissions will be accepted from October 8, 2020 - November 9, 2020. Then, our judges will select their top qualifying entries in each category for public voting. The public will vote from November 16 - December 7, and winners will be announced December 11, 2020!

Entrants must be 13-21 years of age to participate and have the permission of a parent/guardian if under 18.



  • Grand Prize (1 in each category for people, pets, and the planet): $5,000 to implement your project with mentorship from the Girls' Voices team

  • Honourable Mention (3 in each category for people, pets, and the planet): $100 prize


  • Grand Prize (1 in each category for people, pets, and the planet): $500 prize 

  • Honourable Mention (3 in each category for people, pets, and the planet): $100 prize


Upload a video that shows YOUR idea for implementing positive change for people, pets, or the planet in your community. What is a problem in your community you'd like to solve, where funding is the only barrier to change?

In each category, they’ll select one project and award $5,000 to implement your change-making idea.

What they are looking for in your video project submissions: 

  • Identify and show the problem you want to address.

  • Share your unique solution to this problem and how it would benefit the community.

  • What is your plan to implement this idea and who you would collaborate with to accomplish it?

  • Be as creative as possible.

  • Videos can have a maximum length of 6 minutes, and maximum file size of 500MB.

  • If your video is not in English, it must have subtitles


In a photo essay of 3-5 photos, tell a compelling story about where you are seeing positive change in your community related to people, pets/animals or the planet. Be creative and envision telling a story through photos and an accompanying essay.

What they are looking for in your photo essay submissions: 

  • Photos that show a positive change in your community. This could be a neighbour helping another neighbour, a member of your family helping another member, or something else entirely!

  • Be creative! Tell your story with pictures. Pay attention to lighting and framing. 

  • Include a brief essay that explains what we are seeing in the photos you submit. 


" Lighting the candle of others won’t blow yours out " - Al