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Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology Winter Internship Program in Korea.

Application Deadline: end of November

GIFT offers an Internship Program (Student Research Participation Program) in the summer and winter sessions. 3rd and 4th-year undergraduate students, who are very interested in Ferrous Technology studies, systems and backgrounds, and/or in GIFT lab activities and system, are encouraged to participate in our internship program.


  • The duration of the GIFT Internship program is approximately one month.

  • Free student dormitory housing and transportation (for international applicants, round trip airfare economy only, for Korean applicants, KTX or Bus fare) will be provided.

  • Living expense will be assisted. (KRW 500,000 / 4 weeks)

Required Application Documents

  • Application Form DOWNLOAD

  • Application Form(Foreigner) DOWNLOAD

  • An Official Academic Transcripts in English* If transcripts do not indicate GPA(Grade Point Average), the applicant must convert the letter grades appropriately into GPA and show it on the application document.

  • Personal Statement(Primarily the description of the applicant’s study plan) DOWNLOAD

  • Verification of English proficiency (TOEFL score or the Equivalent)


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