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Her Abilities Awards 2020 for Women with Disabilities

Application Deadline: September 27, 2020

Her Abilities, the first global award launched by Light for the World honours women with disabilities in three categories: health & education, rights and arts, culture & sports. If you know amazing women, who devote their lives to help others, nominate now. 


Her Abilities will award the achievements of women with disabilities globally from the following three categories:

  1. Health & Education Women with disabilities from the health or education sector, including but not limited to: teachers, teaching assistants, headmasters, university professors, doctors, surgeons, nurses, community health workers, etc.

  1. Rights Women with disabilities from the advocacy and rights sector, who advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and their inclusion. They could be working for an NGO or charity, a business, within a governmental organisation, or simply in their local communities to achieve vital change.

  1. Arts, Culture & Sports ​​​​​​​Women with disabilities from the arts, culture and sports sectors, including but not limited to: artists, actors, comedians, poets, Paralympians, runners, singers, swimmers, writers, etc.


The benefits for the winners are:

  • They will join a celebrated network of other successful women who commit to finding opportunities to support each other in their further pursuit of justice, equality and excellence.

  • Light for the World will open their networks and will try to ensure speaking opportunities for the winners.

  • Light for the World’s communications team will promote the winners’ stories via media and online work, ensuring they and their projects get more of the public attention they deserve.

  • They will receive a certificate and a physical award. 

Her Abilities is a purely honorary award.


  • Women with disabilities (from the age of 18) can be nominated. 

  • They must fit into one of the three categories mentioned above.


The jury will consider the following primary criteria in judging the winner:

  • Impact To what extent this person has achieved excellence in their life and field of work

  • Recognition If this person has an untold or underreported story which particularly deserves to be told 

  • Relevance If this person’s story has a relevance to current rights and social debates, which could inspire others into action

In addition the jury may, as a secondary consideration, look at the balance between the three category winners in any given year (including e.g. geographical spread, diversity in personal profiles, and types of achievement).



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