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I'm OK - by Mpofu Perfect Patimile

I'm OK means a lot than its mere definition. It describes different levels of pain, agony, sorrow, hopelessness you name it. It is the most efficient way to cut a stressful and painful conversation short.

I'm OK means look into my eyes, do l look happy to you.

I'm OK means l'm dying inside l need someone to tell me its going be OK.

I'm OK means l have lost hope and l need someone to hug me tight and tell me God exist. I'm OK means l'm drowning in my sorrows and l need someone to save me.

It is not a phrase of completeness but its a phase complete breakdown. It is not a phrase from the heart but its what the mind quickly says to avoid the pain of opening up.

It only takes a caring and loving person to see beyond that l am OK. It takes a person who cares enough to know that behind that l'm OK you completely not fine, your breaking down. It takes a person who want you happy to see that your sad

Look into the eyes and hearts of your loved ones for joy, peace and happiness...when any of these are lost lets restore them. For only when these are there then we can truly experience the true meaning of "l am OK".

In that l'm OK there are suicidal thoughts...thoughts of murder one plans to commit on himself. In that l'm OK; there are frustrations that leads to the rise of a violent man.

In that l'm OK there is potential of a family completely breaking down into pieces that can be hard to fix. In that l'm OK someone is feeling neglected and valued useless.

Nothing good comes of that l'm OK phrase.

If you do not mean it never use if for it ensures that you never open up and whats eating you ....breaks you down to the brain and finally takes you to the grave.

So never use or let someone use it for in it only bad things are acquired. Open up if your not fine and also help others in need to open up as well.

Written by: Mpofu Perfect Patimile

Student at Hillside Teachers College

Written in remembrance of my friend; l lost to the after life due to suicide and l want to make sure it never happens to anyone again.


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