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International Youth Forum "Eurasia Global" 2021 in Orenburg, Russia.

  • Session's start and end date (09/02/2021 - 09/08/2021)

  • The end of registration (Moscow time 07/10/2021) 23:59

Eurasia Global Forum Is an annual international communication platform for dialogue between youth organizations and individual young foreign citizens of the countries of the world, focused on interaction and cooperation with Russian youths.

The purpose of the forum is to develop a platform for practice-oriented dialogue between young representatives of the Russian Federation and foreign states.

Travel expenses from the place of residence to Orenburg and back are paid by the participants. Accommodation and meals during the Forum are covered by the host.

Invited to participate: young people from 18 to 35 years old from among

  • Representatives of foreign youth interested in active interaction with Russian youth in various areas of cooperation;

  • Young Russian compatriots living abroad;

  • Young leaders of public opinion from Russia and foreign countries, Russian and foreign young specialists, and professionals working in the field of international youth cooperation;

  • Young people who have a project idea or a finished project with an eye on international cooperation.

Business program tracks:

  1. Partnerships in education and competence development. The new role of human potential. For young specialists in the development of human competencies, HR specialists, teachers, trainers

  2. Cooperation and entrepreneurial youth cooperation. For young entrepreneurs, leaders of youth cooperative organizations, leaders of youth business associations, startups, social entrepreneurs

  3. From Conscious Consumption to Sustainable Development. Tasks and challenges for young people who are building the world for themselves and their descendants. For specialists in sustainable development, leaders of public associations, city activists, urbanists

  4. The voice of youth - modern media and communication methods. For young bloggers, youth media leaders, communications specialists.




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