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KIT Innovation Challenge 2020

Stage 1 Submissions due 24 July 2020.

Each day, women and girls in the developing world experience immense injustice. Injustice that limits their agency and their capacity to flourish as individuals and thrive within their communities.

The KIT Impact Challenge is open to organisations that are driven by the desire to create meaningful change in the lives of women and girls. If your team has an initiative that positively impacts health, education or livelihood opportunities, then they would love to hear from you!


Their vision is a transformed world for women and girls; a world in which systems enable the empowerment of women and girls. We want to live in a world where women and girls are heard, where they have the power to participate, and the opportunity to lead. A world where existing models are challenged and entrepreneurship inspires sustainable change. They are seeking solutions that address the most pressing problems faced by women and girls. Solutions that are purpose-driven, innovative, scalable, sustainable, adaptable, future-ready, and environmentally aware!


The winners of the challenge will receive:

  • promotion across their global forum

  • access to KIT International's business development network

  • a series of mentoring and coaching sessions with their global network of marketing, strategy, sales, finance and innovation specialists

  • expert support to develop an action plan for business growth and impact measurement capacity

  • potential for ongoing collaboration and investment from KIT International


Your Solution

Does your initiative address a pressing issue or problem faced by women and girls? KIT International is looking for solutions that are:

  • Purpose-driven – improve opportunities in health, education or livelihoods

  • Innovative – draw upon new or improved approaches or business models

  • Scalable – demonstrate growth potential and measurable user/market traction

  • Sustainable – have a viable business model

  • Adaptable – show potential for application across multiple consumer groups and contexts

  • Future Ready – can use technology, skills and business models that respond to changing times and needs

  • Environmentally Aware – support the wellbeing and future of the planet

Your Team

Is your team a good fit? They are looking for teams that are:

  • Innovators – able to demonstrate the application of innovation processes

  • Design-thinkers – have a passion for exploring options and testing ideas with users at the centre

  • Ambitious – dedicated to growth, improvement and success on a broader scale

  • Collaborative– with the desire and capacity to connect with our global team

  • Aligned – with the vision and values of KIT International


Please take time to consider the following before completing the form:

- The problem that you are responding to and the changes that you would like to see.

- How is your solution innovative and how do you know it works?

- What makes your solution environmentally friendly?

- How could your solution reach more people?



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