Leibniz Institute Of European History (IEG) Fellowships for Doctoral Students in Germany.

The next deadline for applications is August 15, 2022

These are open to PhD students from Germany and abroad who have at least a Masters level degree in history, theology or another discipline which works historically. They must have been pursuing their doctorate for no more than three years at the time of taking up the fellowship, though exceptions may be made in exceptional circumstances. As a research institution that is not part of a university, the Institute does not hold any examinations and does not award any academic qualifications. Dissertations are completed under the supervision of the fellowship holder’s supervisor at her/his home university.

The IEG has two deadlines each year for IEG Fellowships for Doctoral Students: February 15 and August 15.

Fellows must submit a final report of ther project at the end of the funding period. ***

Value of IEG Fellowships for Doctoral Students

The IEG Fellowships are jointly funded by the federal and state government. The fellowships are used exclusively for the purpose of conducting the research project described in the application at the IEG. Thus, no other form of employment or funding can be pursued or availed of for the duration of the fellowship.

IEG Fellowship for doctoral students have a monthly value of € 1,350.


Attachments in the following order:

  1. the completed application form

  2. curriculum vitae and a list of publications (if applicable) (please do not send photographs)

  3. an outline of the Ph.D.-thesis (up to 15,000 characters excluding footnotes and spaces)

  4. the structure of the Ph.D.-thesis

  5. a detailed timetable for the intended stay at the Institute

  6. copies of university transcripts and proof of language competence

Please ensure that any attachments are PDF files.

Please use the IEG application form which can be found under Downloads on the right.

Applications should be submitted by email to: application@ieg-mainz.de

Leibniz Institute of European History The Directors Prof. Irene Dingel and Prof. Johannes Paulmann Re: Fellowship Application

Please send your application to application@ieg-mainz.de.

You may write in either English or German; we recommend that you use the language in which you are most proficient. Proficiency in English and German is required in order to participate in discussions at the Institute.



The primary academic advisor mails an up-to-date reference directly to the IEG by the application deadline to: fellowship@ieg-mainz.de

The letter of reference should discuss (please avoid a general letter of recommendation):

- The applicant’s academic qualifications

- Topic matter, goal and current state of the PhD project

- A synopsis of work to be done in Mainz along with possible time and work schedules

Additionally, you will need a potential second referee, who will be contacted directly by the IEG (see application form under 14b). We recommend that you inform the potential second referee about your application and a potential letter of reference in advance.

Letters of reference should contain information on the question, method, results, and representation of your research project. Additionally, they should also give an evaluation regarding the recent state of research on the topic.