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Mentor X-Africa I The very best, experienced,skilled, successful & passionate mentors in one place.

Mentor X-Africa Is a platform that brings the very best, experienced, skilled, successful, and passionate mentors in one place.

Through Mentorship, we believe that we will have more productive entrepreneurs, business leaders, political leaders, innovators, professionals, academics etc in the continent (Africa).

Mentor X-Africa is easy to access to some of the most outstanding professionals whose desire to create impact is their priority. While our mentors come from all over the world, their priority is to mentor the next generation of leaders in Africa or from Africa heritage. Become a mentor with us and share your experience, skills, knowledge and expertise with the next generation. Send us an email to submit your interest in becoming one of our distinguished mentors, or apply directly from our website to be a mentor. Become a mentee with us by applying through our website to be mentees of different mentors under the listed categories and have access to greatness as you forge your journey.

Visit Mentor X - Africa www.mentor-x-africa.com www.facebook.com/mentorXafrica Email: info@mentor-x-africa.com

" Lighting the candle of others won’t blow yours out " - Al