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MEXT Tokyo Tech International Graduate Scholarship Program

Application Period: September 11, 2020 - December 8, 2020

Tokyo Tech launched its International Graduate Program in October 2007 as an opportunity for qualified international students, who may have little or no knowledge of the Japanese language, to enrol in Tokyo Tech's Master's programs and pursue an advanced degree in Japan.

With a diverse group of academic departments participating in this program, students should be able to find a department in which to further their research, acquire broader knowledge and understanding, and conduct advanced long-term research in a field that best matches their interests and background.

There is no Japanese language requirement for this program as lectures and seminars are held in English. However, students are given opportunities to attend Japanese language classes on a regular basis in order to better adapt to daily life in Japan.

A limited number of students with outstanding academic records are eligible to apply for a scholarship from Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology ("MEXT") with a recommendation from Tokyo Tech.


The International Graduate Program offers a choice of seven English-language based curricular programs related to the 15 departments of Tokyo Tech and enables students to obtain a Master's or Doctoral degree.

There are two types of programs: Integrated Doctoral Education Program and the Master's Program. Some curricular programs are set up as an Integrated Doctoral Education Program, designed to combine the Master's Program and Doctoral Program so that graduate students can obtain both degrees within three to five years.


Applicants NOT residing in Japan, who satisfy one of the following conditions.

Please note that applicants may NOT (i) apply to a different Tokyo Tech program before receiving admission results or (ii) submit multiple applications to different master's programs for the same enrollment period. Applications in either of the above two cases will be rejected or revoked.

Integrated Doctoral Education Program & Master's Program

(1) Persons who have successfully completed 16 years of education outside Japan or who are expected to do so by the day before the enrollment date

(2) Persons who have graduated from a university or college in Japan

(3) Persons who have successfully completed 3 years or more of education at a university or college outside Japan and obtained a degree equivalent to Bachelor's degree or who are expected to do so by the day before the enrollment date

(4) Persons who have successfully completed 15 years of education and obtained a degree equivalent to Bachelor's degree outside Japan or who are expected to do so by the day before the enrollment date and are individually assessed and recognized by the relevant School of Tokyo Institute of Technology as having outstanding academic records

(5) Persons whose countries do not require 16 years of education to obtain a university-level education but who satisfy both of the conditions noted below and are individually assessed and recognized by the Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School as having academic ability equivalent to or higher than that of the graduates of a Japanese university

a. Persons who have spent at least one year as a research student or research fellow at a university or research institution in or outside Japan after successfully obtaining a Bachelor's degree b. Persons who are at least 22 years old by the day before the enrollment date

List of Departments and Programs



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