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"PAHILO PAAILA CAMPAIGN PROGRAM- Fundraising and Volunteering request in Nepal.

"Pahilo Paaila Campaign" is an emerging program, which will make each student of any corner of Nepal self-reliable and confident in doing small level projects and used too in some basic handsome skills including tooling, electronics, assembling etc. In addition, this focuses on helping them to develop a definite mindset and determination in their life goals.


According to the study by UNICEF, Over the last 20 years, Nepal has made significant progress in education. The net enrolment rate in primary schools has risen to 97 per cent. However, the country still has many challenges to tackle. Issues that persist in education include poor quality and inequity in access, geographical remoteness, gender, and socioeconomic and ethnic differences. Key barriers to enrolment and attendance include poverty, social exclusion, disability, migration, child labour, social norms and gender bias.

Also, the education system here is highly theoretical in our context. The schools here aren’t providing the student with the innovative teaching and learning methods, neither they are providing student with facilities to learn by doing. This case is even worse in the rural. So, to fill this gap of innovative and practical based learning we want to conduct the ‘Pahilo Paaila Campaign’ throughout the schools around the rural areas of Nepal.


The idea of this educational movement started when we, a group of 5 people were given an opportunity to mentor the students of "GyanJyoti Secondary School". We mentored students from class 6-9 to build various project through the hand on teaching and through YouTube. There were all total of 30+ project which were demonstrated in ‘GyanJyoti Science Exhibition 2076’. The sessions were divided into three categories

1.Science Project

2.Environmental Project

3.Art and Model making

Also, we have successfully conducted a community program at Pipra and Matsari Village Development committee at Rautahat district, provincial state 2. It was conducted under the theme ‘Youth Mobilization and Community Development Program’ on 4th and 5th Nov 2018 in Shree Saraswoti Higher Secondary School and Shree Sanskrit Secondary School. That program was not just a common lecture session, but a vision to change the way people think, people speak and people live in their community. The activities that were conducted are.

1.Human rights awareness/ my body my right

2.Personality development/Career counselling

3.Mock parliament

4.B.P Debate (public speaking)

5.Solid waste management methods

6.Oral hygiene and sanitation

Pahilo Paaila campaign is the continuation of the work we have done in past in a much organised and effective manner.


  • To travel to remote places in Nepal to create awareness on the importance of sanitization, the ideologies behind taboos- whether or not do they contradict and hamper any collective rights, etc, social issues and even health issues.

  • To empower lower secondary and secondary students in order to convince them to engage in projects.

  • To guide them for the application of theoretical knowledge into practical scenarios.

  • To provide career counselling and briefing them on the challenges that the world put forward.

  • To conduct debates among students to broaden their sense of understanding and improving their speaking skills altogether.

  • To provide materials, teach and train them on how to fabricate and assemble objects or machinery and conduct an exhibition for their project showcase.

  • To distribute stationery goods and electronics object to the students.

  • To teach them art and music.

  • To mentor them throughout the time and help them to discover and innovate their ideas


  • What we want to do is to bring the change in the way students learn, innovate and implement their everyday works. We want to make sure that no one is deprived of the basic conceptual and practical skills they need to cope up with this competing world in a way that they became used too with the various skills and knowledge.

  • With all this, we want to shape the young one to turn them into the Youth who are responsible to their society, to their youngster and to the environment they live upon. We want to shape the capable Youth to shape this Nation.

  • Will all these accomplished we will set up an Innovation Lab which will serve as a valuable resource for the schools in days to come to train their student and to promote practical education in days to come.


To achieve our Goals and Objective we will extend our program to more than 50 Schools around Nepal with 4 schools during a single phase session.

For more information contact

Rashbin Lamichhane

Program Coordinator

Email: Rasbin13@gmail.com

Phone no: +9779860098821

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