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Photo Africa Multicultural Photo Contest 2020

Prizes: $10,000

DEADLINE: October 23, 2020

PhotoAfrica is an online multicultural Photo Contest deemed to raise strong, committed young men and women who are willing to represent their community as custodians and repositories of their people’s collective ideology which is open for both male and female from the ages of 18 and above, on a set that showcases Self Identity, Glamour, Style, and Your Magic.

PhotoAfrica sets a praesidium as the first Photo Contest which has not been made for only professionals or the virtuosos in the fashion and modelling industry.

It welcomes participants from all walks of life as its aim is to dim the objectification of beauty to racial identities and standards and in the long run strives to restore the fluidity in the appreciation of our culture and self-identity.

Also, the shaming of body sizes on the altar of mediocre social standards is highly deflated.


  • To showcase individual unique value (magic) with photography

  • To present individual cultural identity with photography

  • To express individual national identity with photography

  • To promote photographers through photographs.


1. The top 3 most voted pictures will be awarded final cash prize respectively

2. The 20 highest voted pictures will be awarded as Pan African ambassadors.

3. Picture submission is made through the Photo Africa website.

4. Each picture must display racial identity and its magic either by individual unique identity or cultural identity.

5. During picture submission, all participants must give credit to their photographer.

6. The application process is reserved for Photo Africa contestants only.



" Lighting the candle of others won’t blow yours out " - Al