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PLAAS Postgraduate Scholarships and Fellowships in South Africa

Application Deadline: June 12th, 2020

Professor Ruth Hall holds the South African Research Chair in Poverty,

Land and Agrarian Studies, which is funded by the National Research

Foundation. The Chair is located at the Institute for Poverty, Land and

Agrarian Studies (PLAAS) at the University of the Western Cape. This

allows her to recruit, support and supervise Master’s, doctoral and

post-doctoral students.

Scholarships are available to join Professor Hall’s programme. While

the scholarships will cover fees and living expenses, the Chair also

provides access to funds for other study-related costs, among

others: equipment, fieldwork and conference attendance.

Applications are invited for the following, starting in 2020:

• Five scholarships for Masters (2 years if full-time)

• Four scholarships for Doctoral study (3 years if full-time, extendable

to a 4th year)

• Two fellowships for Post-doctoral study (2 years)

A key criterion for the selection of students will be the fit between

their interests and abilities and the focus of the programme. They

will be required to demonstrate the contribution of their proposed

research project to the programme as a whole and specifically to

one of the workstreams detailed below. Applicants should indicate

in their concept note which of the workstreams they located their

study within. This should be further confirmed and evident in their

development of research project design, including the framing of

research questions and objectives, choice of research methods, and

selection of particular research sites.

Successful candidates will form a cohort of postgraduates who,

while pursuing their own individual studies under Professor Hall’s

supervision will be required to participate in joint activities such

as research design, theory and methods workshops, and intensive

reading groups.

Entry will be highly competitive, and those who are successful and

enrol through this Research Chair will be expected to go beyond the

basic requirements of the degrees for which they register. They will

be encouraged and supported to work together to advance their

careers by writing articles for popular media, attending academic

conferences, and publishing either book chapters or journal articles.

As per NRF rules, preference is given to South African citizens or

permanent residents. Preference will be given to women candidates.

To apply, send your full application package to Carla Henry at


The application should consist of:

• an online UWC application for 2020 studies*,

• a brief concept note outlining the proposed research (two pages

or less),

• your full CV,

• your academic transcripts,

• a South African Qualifications Authority certificate for those with

foreign qualifications,

• a sample of your academic writing (e.g. a chapter from a Master’s


• the names of three academic referees,

• a letter of motivation.


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