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Tamayouz International Graduation Projects Awards 2020

Application Deadline: September 30, 2020

Tamayouz is delighted to invite students of Architecture, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Architecture Technology, and Landscape Design worldwide to register and submit their Graduation Projects. An independent international jury will review all entries and will select the winners of Tamayouz International Award.

The purpose of this architectural design award is to recognize the excellence in architectural design and education worldwide and showcase excellent architectural examples to promote and provoke architectural debate to share architectural experience and knowledge among young architects and academics.

Aims and Objectives of Tamayouz International Award

  • Aims to recognise and reward excellence in architectural design and education.

  • Showcase young talents and support academics’ efforts of advancing architectural education worldwide.

  • Promote a culture of excellence at an early stage amongst young designers to advance the profession of architecture professionally and academically.

  • Exchange architecture knowledge, ideas and thoughts by providing a platform for discussions, observation and healthy competition.

Established in 2012, Tamayouz Excellence Award is an unaffiliated, independent initiative that aims to advance the profession of architecture academically and professionally. Tamayouz is dedicated to supporting aspirational and transformative projects that tackle local and global challenges and that are informed by a holistic understanding of context.

Assessment Criteria for 2020

  • RELEVANCE: A declaration of conditions that set the contextual parameters of the proposal. Clarity of research process.

  • RESPONSE: Aspirational, transformative and original projects with a programmatic response to existing environmental, social conditions and local challenges. Clarity of design process.

  • RESOLUTION: A clearly declared architectural/urban intent and design vision. Spatial, material and technical realisation.


  • 1st Prize: An MSc Scholarship for 2 Years at the University Polytechnic of Milan + Tamayouz Medal + Certificate.

  • 2nd & 3rd Prizes: A $1500 Travel Scholarship for 7 days to attend the annual ceremony including The Award Ceremony, 5 Days Design Workshop.

  • The Scholarship Covers Accommodation, Flights and workshop fee for winners.


  • All Architecture, Landscape, Urban Planning and Architecture Technology students are eligible to participate in the Tamayouz International and submit their graduation projects for this award as long as they are expected to graduate during the specified time period in the brief.

  • Individual students and teams are eligible to compete, as long as the submitted entry is final year graduation projects, only the Team Leader is required to register, the team leader is required to provide the names of the rest of the team members.

  • This award is an Open International Student Award, all final year architecture and architecture design technology students studying anywhere in the world are eligible to participate.

  • If the student is selected as a winner, they will check their information with their university to make sure there are eligible to participate and the information provided is correct.



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