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Teach English In Spain- Erasmus In School

Erasmus in School is a portal that connects Language Assistants with Schools/ Companies all over the world, for free.


  • Their schools are especially interested in working with children and young people in different fields such as education, culture, art and sports

  • They are interested in candidates who are willing to explore the country, share their culture and build a strong community

  • It would bring us the possibility of coming into contact with different cultures and working interculturality and all the aspects related to the intern’s home country

  • Teaching English in small groups

  • Developing any kind any activity using English as a vehicle of communication: Eg: cultural talks, sports, trip club, drama, dance, etc

Benefits and Salary

In Spain, a language assistant might earn between €400-€1,200, depending on the number of hours and tasks involved. On top of the salary, there are some schools that also offer some other sort of additional benefits like: Spanish classes, accommodation, food, training, transport ticket, etc

Language Assistants receive numerous benefits, among which:

They obtain a number of skills that are transferable to any professional field, such as:

- Improve communicative capacity

- Social skills

- Planning and Organisation

- Persuasion

- Teamwork

- Motivation

- The ability to adapt and overcome

- Creativity

- Leadership

In addition to the skills you obtain as a result of teaching practice, you also acquire other practical skills.


Having a C1 English level.

Being an Erasmus student is not a requirement.

Non-English native speakers and candidates from outside the EU



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