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The 2021 Spring Break (Virtual) Travel Impact Challenge

Applications must be completed and submitted by March 15, 2021, @12pm Pacific time

Your Big Year is challenging young leaders across Canada, the USA and the world to do just that! If you want to make your mark on the world, make long-lasting friendships, learn new skills and make a real impact - Apply now for the Your Big Year (Virtual) Travel Impact Challenge!

Our 4-day (Virtual) Travel Impact Challenge is an online, dynamic program for 16-20-year-olds designed to bridge cultural divides, increase engagement with the travel and tourism industry, and provide young people with a transformative, hands-on and collaborative way to meet and work with peers from around the world. In addition, by participating you will learn about future career possibilities in tourism, hospitality, and marketing directly from industry professionals.

With your peers, you will be building a toolkit of cultural awareness as a global citizen. Skills gained will include how to work collaboratively with others from diverse backgrounds, leadership and communication, as well as learning more about travel, tourism in relation to sustainability, inequality and technology. The Impact Challenge will consist of interactive Zoom hangout calls with other participants, presentations and panel discussions from amazing speakers from the travel and tourism industry, and immersive brainstorming and collaborative work through an interactive virtual space. In addition, participants will have access for 3-months to a self-directed ‘Make an Impact’ course which teaches you about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how you can make an impact in your life and in your world!

Why this, why now?

At this point with the uncertainty of Covid, travel is not possible. The Travel Impact Challenge keeps the idea of travel and tourism at the forefront of the minds of one of our biggest demographic of travellers - youth and young people - and prepares them for future opportunities.


  • Encourage cultural awareness, curiosity and confidence in taking on new opportunities.

  • Engage young people in conversations around diversity, inclusion and sustainability in their everyday lives, as well as while travelling both domestically and abroad.

  • Equip young people with the skills (i.e. networking, communication, digital and tech literacy) and networks to collaborate with their peers and initiate projects that reduce inequalities in their communities.

  • Prepare youth for understanding and gaining the most out of cross-cultural experiences.

  • Build capacity, skill-sharing, and knowledge exchange among participants in order to engage with the UN SDGs, with particular attention on reducing inequalities and community participatory action.

Who Should Apply?

They will select 100 youth (50 based in North America, 50 based worldwide).

  • They seek self motivated, diverse participants who bring to their work passion, energy and a desire to learn.

  • They don’t measure people by traditional credentials, but rather they are seeking people that align with their values:

  • You value the power of travel (even if you haven’t had the opportunity to travel yet!)

  • You are passionate about making a change

  • You are eager to learn about different cultures directly from peers with different backgrounds

  • You want to work with like-minded people

  • You wish to grow as a young professional in an online experience

  • You wish to grow personally through this opportunity, including understanding yourself and your passions

  • You want to make an impact in your life and in your world!

Application Process

  • We have two applications available: Students can apply directly OR Teachers can nominate students

  • Applications must be completed and submitted by March 15, 2021 @12pm Pacific time

  • The application questions will take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete. Please consider your answers before you submit. Click here to access a list of the questions if you would like to prepare your answers before filling out the official form.

  • Please note: there is no fee for applying or participating. This program is made possible through the generosity of our partners.

Eligibility checklist:

  • Aged 16 - 20 at the time of application submission

  • Values are aligned with our program’s values

  • Agreement to the full Terms and Conditions and Privacy of the Program



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