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The 67th International Student Conference International Resident Participants (IRP)

The application form is open until March 17, 2021, at 23:59 (Japan Standard Time)

New Normal: Unity without Boundaries

International Student Conference (ISC) is an organization established in 1954, where international exchanges and discussions take place. Students from around the world are invited to Japan each year for two weeks, where they discuss solutions to world issues. On the last day, participants will discuss their final solutions during the Final Forum.

To participate in ISC, participants must be a student: undergraduate, graduate, or PhD candidate. As the future global leaders, we aim for participants to deepen their understanding of global society by discussing issues with one another and broadening their knowledge through research and interacting with students with different backgrounds.

Table Topics at ISC67

Overall Theme: “New Normal: Unity without Boundaries” Table Topics: (For more details, refer to https://www.japan-isc.org/discussion-topics) Table 1 Political Activism and Participation: Why They Take Part in Politics Table 2 Nuclear Politics: What We Can Do for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons Table 3 Food Security: How the Global Government Should Sustainably Feed 8 Billion Table 4 Migrant Laborers: Rethinking Migrant Labor Rights in The Pandemic Table 5 Participatory Urban Planning: Developing Inclusivity & Accessibility in the Globalized Cities


  • You must be dedicated to this conference, motivated, and responsible during all activities of the conference.

  • You must be enrolled in a college, university or graduate school outside of Japan, and be above 18 years old as of June 1st, 2021.

  • You must have a proficient level of English to be able to join academic discussions in English.

Note: Since the conference will be held online, participants will need a stable internet connection. The application used for the video conference will be “Zoom”. Please download the application prior to the event.

Application Procedures

Please respond to the designated Google Form: https://forms.gle/9wJz1N4ZmCfPZwWF8

  • All the responses must be in English

  • You will be asked to upload a picture of your Student ID

  • You will be required to choose up to 2 tables of your choice and respond to table-specific questions of the 2 tables you have chosen.



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