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The Africa Energy Generation Prize 2020

Deadline: August 15

Do you have a technical or entrepreneurial innovation project in one of the following sectors :

- Energy - Agriculture - Healthcare Do you wish to enrol in a diploma course in entrepreneurship at an international level for two years that will allow you to develop your project and benefit from seed funds?

The Africa Energy Generation Prize aims to reward young African talents who have an innovative project or idea in the energy, health or agribusiness sectors.

The proposed projects must promote, in these sectors, access to essential services for as many people as possible with the potential of having a concrete impact on the socio-economic development of the continent.

The Africa Energy Generation Prize is a pan-African competition for innovative technical and entrepreneurial solutions to promote access to energy. The proposed solutions are imagined and invented by young people living in Africa. The goal is to reveal the resources and ingenuity of African youth while working concretely for access to energy in every African household.


10 winners will have the chance to enrol in a free 2-year diploma training in their Business Schools. This entrepreneurship training will allow them to transform their innovative idea into a viable startup.


  • Participation in the competition is open to anyone living in Africa, excluding Energy Generation staff, Energy Generation ambassadors, previous AEGP’s winners and current students of the Business & Energy School.

  • All motivated young African residents having an innovative project in one of the 3 thematic areas of the competition.


The presented projects can be: either a functional model or a precise and concrete idea. In the latter case, the candidate must specify in the video presentation the necessary steps or current obstacles (financial, technical, etc.) to the project.


 Selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • The motivation and involvement of the applicant for the project

  • The innovative character (technical and/or entrepreneurial)

  • The original character (technical and/or entrepreneurial)

  • The technical and economic feasibility of the proposed project (For e.g : the materials used are affordable and found locally.)

  • Clarity and coherence in the presentation of the project


Complete an application form and submit two videos: a   presentation video of the candidate (2 minutes) and a video presenting the innovative project (5 minutes).

Your Curriculum Vitae -A copy of the last diploma obtained



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