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THE GREEN INSTITUTE INTERNSHIP (Join the New Tribe of Sustainability Leaders!)


The Green Institute Internship is a 6-month innovative virtual program for garnering knowledge, skills and experience in the field of sustainability. The program aims to nurture college students and fresh graduates (not more than two years), thereby bridging the gap between education and career development. It does this by offering on-the-job-training and experience for effective employee development.

A capstone project is required in partial fulfilment of the program, which is geared at providing sustainable and innovative solutions to existing local challenges. Participants are expected to carry out an innovative solution ranging from policies, advocacy or education to products, services and business models that address a particular challenge. The project is judged based on innovativeness, depth of impact, and scalability. The participant with the best community project is awarded a grant of $1000.

The Internship program builds participants by empowering them through capacity building and critical thinking skills to become eco-conscious, ethical and entrepreneurial leaders in their communities and the world at large.


  • Gain experience about the application of sustainability in their various fields

  • Full access to the course content of the Principles of Green and Sustainability Science, a globalized course content curated by renowned sustainability experts and centred on the African content

  • Network with other sustainability leaders around the world

  • Curriculum vitae evaluation and career guidance and counselling

  • Become qualified to win a grant of $1000 for the best community project

  • Certificate of completion providing a competitive advantage in the 21st-century job market


  • Must be a student of an academic institution or graduates of not more than 2 years

  • Must be available to participate and possess requisite digital tools such as a computer and internet connection

  • Open to all nationalities


Skills they look out for include but not limited to; Web development, graphics designers, content writers/copywriters, business developers, data analyst, social media managers, proposal/grant writing



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