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The Ibrahim Leadership Fellowships for Africans

Note: Applications for the 2021 stream will open on 12 August 2020. Details will be made available on the official page.

The Ibrahim Leadership Fellowships form a selective programme designed to mentor future African leaders. Through this annual fellowship programme, they seek to deepen and broaden their growing network which continues to contribute its skills and learning to a better Africa.

The Fellowships offer the opportunity to work in the executive offices of either the AfDB (Abidjan), UNECA (Addis Ababa) or the ITC (Geneva) with an annual stipend of $100,000.

Eligibility criteria

  • National of an African country

  • 7-10 years of relevant work experience

  • Master’s degree

  • under the age of 40, or 45 for women with children

  • any additional criteria as set by the host.


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