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The IDEX Fellowship Program

The IDEX Fellowship Program is a 6-month virtual program (approx. 8 - 10 hours per week) and designed to enable professionals to acquire the tools and resources to operate virtually as well as upskill themselves for a successful career in social impact and entrepreneurship.

They understand that IDEX Fellows come from a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds and therefore each fellow will have a unique learning style and may have more or less experience with certain topics that are covered. The program itself is configured to meaningfully work for a mix of professionals at different stages in their careers and allows a level of customisation to suit individual pursuits.

They are seeking professionals who have a proven track record of leadership and are seeking to use their education and skills to address social and economic challenges for under-served populations. If you are keen on exploring career/specialization / upskilling opportunities in the social impact sector, step right this way —>


  • Suitably designed for early, mid and senior-level professionals looking to equip themselves with the tools and resources to work effectively in a virtual environment and a deep desire to engage in an intense professional development experience supported by key theory and practical subject knowledge training while applying creative solutions to deepen the impact

  • Each Fellow will gain access to the online learning labs; consulting projects with social enterprises from across the globe; inner journey discoveries; virtual coffee sessions with sector experts; live community engagement with 300+ alumni; and one-on-one meetings with mentors-in-residence and subject matter experts.

  • Fellows have the opportunity to align themselves more purposefully with the next step of their career growth curve through the Insight Project Development Phase.

  • Organisations nominating employees have the opportunity to participate as one of the learning lab case challenges where the Cohort works with a senior member or founder to develop real-world solutions to an existing problem statement in your organisation.


  • Adding professional credibility while accessing relevant and progressive Professional Development Learning Labs covering themes of human-centred Design, Resource Mobilization, Monitoring & Evaluation, Communication Strategies.

  • Subject Matter Experts, seasoned professionals and thought leaders in their respective fields engaging you in Capacity Building Sessions at a group and individual level

  • Exposure to invaluable professional networks and alumni network opportunities

  • Internationally recognized Professional Certification in Social Enterprise

  • Professionally attested experience letters detailing project engagement with global impact organisations

  • Post Fellowship Support and a global family for life!


The IDEX Fellowship Program tuition is $5950 USD.

However, IDEX also offers generous partial scholarships on program tuition to a select number of applicants (men and women) to attend the fellowship i.e. the IDEX Scholarship Award. It is worth noting that we are able to offer IDEX Scholarships from 30% up to 70% on program tuition.

Your Tuition Will Cover:

  • 24-week virtual training with access to practical and strategic professional development, structured assignments comprising a blend of inspiring insights, deep-dive group discussions, resume-building projects, intrapreneur case studies, reflection and self-discovery challenges.

  • Intensive month-long case challenges with social impact organisations across the globe. These organisations will present a problem statement for the cohort to work towards the discovery and development of practical solutions.

  • Access to learning labs led by IDEX resident mentors and sector experts across the globe, focussing on capacity building in areas of Social Enterprise Business Models, human-centred Design, Monitoring and Evaluations, Resource Mobilization, Data Story-telling and Communications.

  • Access to unlimited one-on-one mentoring sessions with IDEX Resident Mentors.

  • Expert-led webinars and guest lectures around trending themes in social enterprise practices.

  • Peer to peer learning engagements leveraging a culturally and professionally diverse cohort to maximise cross learnings.

  • Access to ‘ready to use frameworks’ that can be applied in various work settings for the future

  • Professional training on tools and resource needed to become a leader in a virtual workforce

  • A dedicated virtual support team to catalyse your growth through the 6 months

  • Access to an alumni network of 300+ inspiring and world-changing IDEXers

  • Professional Certificate in Social Enterprise from Gray Matters Capital and IDEX Accelerator, USA



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