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The L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Sub-Saharan Africa Programme 2020

The L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science sub-Saharan Africa regional program aims to promote and encourage the participation of young African women in science. This program identifies and rewards young talented researchers in the formal sciences, life and environmental sciences, material sciences, engineering sciences and technological sciences.

In 2019, given the importance of the challenges of African scientific research and their commitment to encourage more women scientists across sub-Saharan Africa, it was decided to separate the initial regional program into two separate programs:

  • The national Young Talents program dedicated to South Africa

  • The regional Young Talents program of Sub-Saharan Africa, with the 48 other countries of the region

  • For this 11th edition, 20 endowments will be given to encourage young researchers currently in doctoral or post-doctoral studies to pursue a brilliant scientific career.

The researchers commit to:

  • Continue the research work for which the Young Talent Sub-saharan African L’OréalUNESCO For Women in Science Prize was obtained.

  • Carry out the expenses detailed in the estimated budget of the application file.

  • Write a report on the research work, subject of the endowment, to be submitted to the L’Oréal Foundation in the year following the award of the Prize.

  • Participate in the training in “Management and Leadership” as well as in the award ceremony to be held in an African capital, probably in December 2020. Participation in these events is compulsory.

  • The candidates will be preselected by a committee of experts and then presented to an independent jury made up of eminent researchers from the African continent. The jury is chaired by the President of the African Academy of Science. The results will be communicated by telephone and email to the 20 beneficiaries after the deliberations of the allocation jury.

Number of endowments

  • 15 endowments for doctorates and 5 for post-doctorates

  • Leadership, Negotiation and Communication training

Amount per endowment

  • €10,000€ for doctorates & €15,000 for post-doctorates


  • Pursuing studies leading to a PhD degree or having obtained a PhD degree in the following scientific fields: Life sciences, Environmental sciences, Physical sciences, Engineering and technological sciences, Mathematics and Computer science

  • Being from one of the 48 countries of the Sub-Saharan region

  • Enrolled in a doctoral Institution and/or working in a research Laboratory/University or Institution of the 49 countries of the Sub-saharan region (including South Africa)


  • Being from one of the 49 countries of the Sub-Saharan region

  • Enrolled in a doctoral Institution and/or working in a research Laboratory/University or Institution of the 48 countries of the Sub-Saharan region

Main eligibility criteria

  • Excellence of the academic records: including number, quality and impact of the publications, conference presentations, patents…

  • Scientific quality, innovative nature of the research project and its potential application



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