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Application period: Currently, open until 15 October 2021

Are you a young professional, students, and recent graduates who are interested in undertaking an internship in an African country?

The Youth Cafe is now accepting applications for its internship program.

The Youth Cafe serves as a transformative and empowering force capable of showing ways of bringing Africa and the rest of the world closer in a win-win partnership, improving youth welfare and revitalizing communities.


  • The Youth Cafe Internship Programme offers qualified and eligible local, international, and diaspora students office-based, online, and in the field the unique opportunity to acquire direct practical experience in both The Youth Cafe’s and third party companies’ work and under the direct supervision of experienced staff and/or adviser.

  • Highly-skilled young professionals, students, and recent graduates who are interested in undertaking an internship in an African country.

  • Holding citizenship of an eligible country or region.

  • Proficiency in the English language.

  • Applicants should be at least 20 years of age and not older than 40 as of September 14, 2019

Recruitment numbers

200 interns

Intern destination

The Youth Cafe, Private-sector companies, industry associations, and non-profit corporations in intern countries or other countries based on arrangements by the host organizations. Host companies are determined after matching by The Youth Cafe and subsequently approved by the Screening Committee.

Internship period

The duration of an internship is normally between six and sixteen weeks. The total duration may be extended up to a maximum of six months when there are special requirements and/or special needs of the receiving division/office.

Application requirements

Persons who satisfy all the following requirements are eligible to apply.

  • Agreeing with the purpose of this program and willing to cooperate with host organizations for promoting internationalization and overseas business development and building networks with overseas universities etc..

  • Applicants must be able to submit a school or university enrolment or graduation certificate and/or a letter of recommendation from the (enrolled/graduated) university or company etc.

  • Able to undertake required training and full-time or part-time internship at the host company.

  • Satisfying with any other individual conditions required by each company.

  • Person who previously participated in this program of FY2017 through FY2018 can not apply this year.

Application & selection method

  • Registration is acceptable on an online basis by using the registration form on The Youth Cafe website.

  • Selection is conducted through document screening, first interview (English), and secondary interview (English).

  • During the selection process, various documents (qualification from university, language skills, passport copy etc.), letters of recommendation, photographs, etc.

Main support for interns

  1. Allowance: The Youth Cafe doesn’t pay interns. Host companies have different policies for paying interns for the entire duration of the internship.

  2. Travel costs and accommodation expenses associated with the internship.

  3. Internship insurance.

Main responsibilities of interns

  • Formulating an internship plan (roles/goals, etc. of an intern) discussing with the Internship manager

  • Participating in pre-training, follow-up training, and wrap-up presentation.

  • Engaging in a full-time internship during the designated period.

  • Taking responsibility for their own safety and health thoroughly. Securing emergency related information network. Contact with The Youth Cafe and the host company regularly, continually reporting or consulting with them in case of injury or mental disease etc.

  • Being obliged to handle some tasks requested from the program office (document, notification, and report) not only during internship period but also before and after the internship.

  • Appropriate behaviour required as a young professional.

*This program offers work experience, not actual employment. It aims to provide interns with workplace skills and know-how. Please note it is not a substitute for casual or part-time employment etc.

*Internships are offered depending on the availability of meaningful assignments and the needs and capacity of units/offices to receive and supervise the intern.


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