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ThRivE Cares - Mental Health Coordinator | Volunteer

Updated: May 1

ThRivEcares, a subsidiary of ThRivE Opportunities is advocacy platform for Mental Health.

Geared towards raising awareness on Mental Illness. It also strives to create Safe Space for Victims, Survivors and Warriors judgment free.

Deadline: May 15th, 2021 - 11:59 GMT

Interested candidates/applicants/persons are expected to;

  • have passion for Mental Health Awareness.

  • be willing to build a functional ThRiveCares unit; one that aligns with the goals of ThRivE as an organization.

  • Knowledge on proposal writing

  • be a team Player

  • detailed oriented

  • quick learner

  • flexible

Interested?: Please submit your Cover letter and Resume/CV to caresthrive@gmail.com

Role Description:

  • Creates engaging written or graphic contents for ThRivE Cares social media platforms.

  • Ensures brand consistency in raising awareness

  • Proactive with mental Health Awareness dates and plans ahead for them.

  • Plan and give report of events.

  • Any other duties as assigned.


  • Must have at least 6 months experience in social media marketing/branding

  • Background in advocacy or community outreach

Reports to:

ThRivEcares board members.

Question(s)/Concern(s): click the link to contact us https://www.thriveopportunities.org/contact-us or through messenger on Facebook

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