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UN Volunteer, Develop Apps for school district & multi programs management system.

Schools district & multi programs management system come to help African Schools and across sectors collaboration management because commercial SYSTEM failed to reach to Africa. But our Open source will help all schools & NGOs, SMEs which can't afford prices of expensive system. It is time to address problems that hinder development.

Via Administrative and management system we will enhance student performance, improve school retention, better learning environment, academic success, child protection, reduce paperwork, time wost and resources they don't have enough and hence to improve the overall performance of work at the School. This (SMS) will work to help teachers, staff, students, parents & School’s administration due to the role performed by the system at their schools. Asass will use volunteer's forms, database, and CRUD screenshots to showcase powerful of our sms, created,edit,update the software. His end product will be a link of solutions, features and pages with database , forms usable by parents, student, school staff.

Volunteers: 12 needed 6-10 hours per week / 12 weeks


You must be FRONTEND AND OR BACKEND DEVELOPER IN SOME TECHNOLOGIES: ASP.NET, C#, SQL, MS-Access Database, MSQL Database, Web API, PHP, MVP, JavaScript JS, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Framework: CodeIgniter, .java, .xml, strong in MS Excel tables production, etc. We develop Open Source & Free school district & across-sectors programs collaboration management system software on behalf of international students, refugees, NGOs & schools in low-income countries.


  • Please show links to your PORTFOLIO or previous Work

  • You must be Back-end and Front-end developer or both.

  • Be aware you agree we develop from scratch or we may find suitable open-source MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and app to install and customize,

  • You deliver end products with ownership & property right

  • Coding skills: javascript, XML, CSS, PHP, SQL, VARIOUS Framework LIKE: CodeIgniter & others, PHP 7.x,ASP.NET & C#, SQL, MS-Access Database, SQML Database, MVP etc.



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