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Visas for Creation for Artists from Africa and Caribbean- Call for applications

Call for applications open until 31/07/2020

Visas for creation is part of the Africa and Caribbean cultural cooperation mission. This programme supports artistic emergence in Africa and in the Caribbean through residencies in mainland France and in its overseas territories. It allows recipients to develop a creative or research project and to benefit from airfare coverage, a living allowance of €1,000 per month and repatriation insurance.

This programme is intended for artists and curators residing in Africa or the Caribbean islands, who have professional experience, in order to develop their project or career, a two-month residence period in France or in its overseas regions and departments within a professional organisation (such as the National Choreographic Centre, the National Centre for Choreographic Development, the National Stage, national drama centres, art centres, contemporary music centres etc.) or a partner institution of the Institut Français or one that is linked to a residency programme in a local authority.

It is open to the following candidates:

African artists or curators living in Africa or in the Indianoceanic region.

Caribbean artists or curators living in the Caribbean islands only (not admissible: french overseas regions and departments).

It is concerned with the following disciplines:

Architecture, arts, circus, dance, design, digital arts, fashion, multidisciplinary projects, music, photography, street and puppet arts, theatre, visual arts.

Visas pour la création (applications guidelines)



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