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'What's Your New Normal?' Poster Creation

Deadline to submit: 20th August 2020

'What's Your New Normal?' As the world around us continues to change rapidly due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we're also having to equally adapt in our own diverse and unique ways. Therefore, WE54 is calling talented young leaders such as yourself, to create vibrant, dynamic and locally-authentic posters that depict your new normal in the most creative and innovative way possible visually. 

This project encourages you to be as creative, dynamic and authentic as possible, as you illustrate visually what your new normal looks like in your community and country. Additionally, they strongly encourage you to make use of your local languages and slang in the creation of the poster, where you can translate 'What's Your New Normal?' 


  • Become part of the WE54 Young African Leaders network

  • Gain access to contribute to all current and future WE54 projects and campaigns

  • Connect and collaborate with other young African leaders from across the continent

  • The opportunity to have your ideas and innovations realized

  • Have an active role in transforming Africa through dynamic action in real-time

  • Develop your organizational skills and gain real-life experience on current issues


  • Must be 18-30 years old

  • Must be a national of one of the 54 African nations

  • Must be passionate about the SDGs and transforming Africa

  • Must be available to contribute their skills and time towards WE54 diverse projects

  • Must possess good organizational skills and be able to work independently

  • Must possess good communication skills (English required, country-specific local/indigenous languages highly valued)

  • Must have an active email and social media (Instagram) account

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By joining the we54 community you gain access to contribute towards ongoing projects and campaigns by ideating or acting on them. 


Contribute a creative and innovative idea based on a current we54 project and watch as it becomes actioned and realized in collaboration with other young African leaders from across the continent.  


Once your idea gets actioned for its merit by we54, you and other youth can act on it and bring it to life. You can also act on other actioned ideas to create widespread impact. 



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