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Words 4rm Within: Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

Have I ever asked for death?

Looking back now, I can't really think of a time I have done so...because I haven't had sufficient reasons to do so? But what about others?

Before delving into that, kindly permit me to state a few things:

Before thinking this piece doesn't affect you as an individual in any way, understand that Mental health is the captain of your being which sadly is often adjudged, but it is the health part of man that directly holds bearing with the human brain.

According to the World Health Organization, every 40 seconds, someone loses their life to suicide.

Is death really so satisfying and exciting that a whooping 2,160 persons on average give in to suicide daily?

I beg to differ. But if something not so exciting has somehow become this satisfying and rampant, then surely, it is something that must be addressed.

And if we all possess a mind of ours, we all must in turn pay attention to our mental health.

Many at times, you might feel the next person probably haven't been in your shoes, hence does not have an authority in the subject and undeserving of your time and attention. But remember that as true as that could be, there are a million ways we have experienced similar things, but achieved differing results.

We're all the same, experiencing the same things in different forms.

In all sincerity, this take on mental health improvement isn't a conventional one that places responsibility on anybody else, but You. You have the power...

It is the power that makes you feel all the good and bad feelings and/or thoughts and trust me, so do you have the power to take control of it...if you want to.

But before closing this page, do remember the common saying 'You want it, go get it'.

Just as the re-branding campaign for the nation Nigeria started by the late Dora Akunyili, 'Change begins with you'.

Newton's law of motion states that 'for every action, there is equal and opposite reaction'. Although Newton proposed the law for motion, the same law applies to all spheres of life.

I have come to an understanding, which is that, what we go through and experience is maybe really not what determines how we react (proper or improper), but how we address what we go through.

This is my side of it.

Our Actions are most likely results of life pressures, or feelings, or negative emotions and vice versa.

Reaction being how the action is 'responded to'.

Newton says 'equal and opposite'.

Equal in the sense that it is sufficient to match up to the action, and opposite in the sense that it is sufficient to balance/strike out the action.

Newton's law not only shows that every action automatically generates a response, but that reaction itself is dependent on individuals and what they see as possibilities.

So take back that power!

The world has paid so much attention to what we receive and take in, but often times, less energy is channeled to giving.

As 'unfair' as this might sound, the truth is the answer to the issues is practically in taking a step to fix it, and not just waiting for someone else to take the lead.

and who knows? Maybe the reason we have rising cases of depression, suicide, etc in the world today is because we have failed to grab the bull by the horn, and instead of reaching out, have waited(sometimes to no avail) for us to receive attention, forgetting that maybe the next person is equally waiting for the same.

If you'd agree with me, there is enough attention to mental health, sufficient to at least yield results in the right direction, but increasing cases of negative mental health have shown the problem isn't a lack of attention, but a lack of the right attention.

Reaching out, blessing someone, touching a hurting heart: this is my own right attention.

It doesn't always take a fixed person to help another. Sometimes, it just takes an individual(whether fixed or not) ready to reach out to not only fix the other, but possibly fix both of them.

There is amazing miracle in giving... today, don't wait to be given(you might wait endlessly), give!

And who knows what you might find on your path as you journey?

As good as it is that we cater for one another, we must never forget that what happens to us is primarily our concern. The world needs love, true, but a world that is in need shouldn't be expected to give, hence, everyone needs to understand that instead of waiting for love, kindness and attention, maybe it is high time we prioritized giving ahead of receiving.

The day we do, we would stop seeing others' failures and start seeing our individual endless capabilities.

As we mark this year's world mental health day, let's all find people to be kind to for the next 365 days, and we see where it gets us afterwards.

Submitted by : Victor Adeleke Afolayan Ruhia abubakar Benevolence Mbano


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