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World Habitat Awards 2021

All entries must be received by 23:59 GMT on Monday 15th March 2021

World Habitat Awards recognise and highlight innovative, outstanding and sometimes revolutionary housing ideas, projects and programmes from across the world.

More than 250 outstanding World Habitat Awards projects have been recognised over the years, demonstrating substantial, lasting improvements in living conditions.

Each year two winners receive £10,000 each and a trophy, presented at a global UN-Habitat event.


The World Habitat Awards competition has been run by World Habitat in partnership with UN-Habitat since 1985. In that time some of the world’s most remarkable and innovative housing projects have received international recognition for their work. In 2021, we will be presenting Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards to the most outstanding projects and programmes.

The two GOLD Award-winning projects receive:

  • a trophy (presented at a global event) in recognition of their work to develop and deliver good practice in housing. We will work with our winners to ensure all events are COVID secure. World Habitat meets travel and accommodation costs for a project representative to attend the awards ceremony;

  • prize money of £10,000; and

  • follow-up support from World Habitat through our exChange programme

Silver and Bronze Award-winning projects receive a certificate and the opportunity to partner with World Habitat in the promotion of their initiatives.

Award Presentation

  • The World Habitat Awards are presented each year in partnership with the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat). Historically the Awards were presented on World Habitat Day, which is organised in October each year by UN-Habitat.

  • The Awards are still presented each year at a major UN-Habitat event, providing opportunities for international exposure, networking and dissemination of the award-winning approaches.


They want to hear about projects from around the world that:

  • focus on affordable and adequate housing;

  • have taken action to address the climate emergency;

  • are in progress or have been completed in the last ten years;

  • are taking steps to promote diversity, equality and inclusion; and

  • have been designed and/ or delivered in close collaboration with the residents/ local community

Entry guidelines

  • The Awards are open to all individuals, organisations or governments who have addressed housing challenges.

  • They encourage entries from all over the world as the World Habitat Awards are given to projects from the global North as well as the South that provide practical and innovative housing solutions.

  • Whilst the housing element must be a key part of each submission, entrants are encouraged to submit projects and programmes that view the term ‘habitat’ from a broad perspective. Entries are encouraged that also address wider issues, for example the climate emergency and environmental sustainability; social inclusion and income generation.

  • You can enter more than one project or programme in the same year.

  • Entries must detail housing projects and/or programmes that are either completed or in progress. Those that are at design stage only or in the very early stages of development will not be considered.

  • In addition, projects that were completed more than 10 years ago will also not be considered.

  • Previous entrants can re-submit in subsequent years providing that the project has developed significantly in the intervening time period.

  • You can enter projects that were developed and/or implemented by another individual or organisation. However, your entry must include a letter of permission from the original designer/implementer agreeing to its entry and for its publication in the event of it winning an Award.

  • Images plans and/or supporting documents can be submitted via the online application form or by email to wha@world-habitat.org. If you email documents separately, please include your name, organisation and the name of your project.

  • Entries may be submitted in English, Spanish or French.

  • If you have any specific questions, please contact us at: wha@world-habitat.org



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