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Youth STEM Summit in 2020 (virtual event)

Deadline on Friday 7th August, 17:00 BST (GMT+1).

Youth Stem will be holding our first ever Youth STEM Summit in 2020!

This virtual event will bring together youth globally for a series of talks, panels and workshops, and YOU can be part of it.


They believe that young people can change the world.

  • That’s why the Youth STEM Summit will be fully designed for young people, by young people.

  • They’re looking for a diverse team of 8 young people (age 13-24)

  • Who each have different skills and strengths.

  • Whether you’re good at planning and organising, can use social media like a pro, want a new opportunity to use your video editing skills, or just want to share your ideas as part of a team, they’d love to receive your application.

What can I get out of being involved?

All of the Youth STEM Summit Design Team will:

  • Receive a personalised reference from our Founder & CEO

  • Gain experience of planning an event, and develop skills such as: teamwork, organisation, event management, and effective communication.

  • Be able to use their involvement as volunteering hours, or to count towards external awards (e.g. Duke of Edinburgh)

  • Get to be part of creating an awesome event!


In the application, you will be asked to provide some information about:

  • Yourself

  • The role you are interested in

  • Your education/training

  • The details of at least one person (up to 2 people) who can provide a reference.

You don’t need any previous experience in designing events to apply - they’re looking for people who are committed to their mission and are ready to try new things and get involved.

The Design Team will meet regularly (virtually of course!), and you need to be able to commit ~4 hours per week, from mid-August to mid-October 2020.



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