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ZEPTER International Design Award – ARTZEPT 2020

The submission deadline is October 31st, 2020.

Zepter International is pleased to announce 17th design competition ARTZEPT for 2020 entitled: ART WALL INSTALLATIONS

ART WALL INSTALLATIONS, for the conceptual solution of a wall decoration on the rendered outdoor facade of a facility, measuring 629 cm in height by 697 cm in width, as a part of the Zepter Foundation museum complex.

The contestants are expected to propose a technically feasible visual solution applicable in a wide range of modern, durable and weather-proof materials.

The entry must be an original, unique creation whose lines, surfaces, volume and proportions will reflect the designer’s vision. We trust your creative spirit and vision to breathe a new life into the museum building. An Expert Jury appointed by Zepter International will select the most successful works on this topic.


  • First place shall be awarded € 10,000

  • Second place shall be awarded € 4,000 worth of Zepter products as chosen by the awardee from Zepter catalogues

  • Third place shall be awarded € 3,000 worth of Zepter products as chosen by the awardee from Zepter catalogues


1. Competition entry requirements:

  • All submitted entries must be in compliance with the competition theme.

  • It is required that the entries are done as 3D creations presented in one of the customary ways such as a drawing, photography, photomontage, a digital simulation or similar, accompanied by a suitable textual description. The solutions must be clearly presented both as a whole and in detail (shape, structure, dimensions, material(s), finish and coat). The compulsory part of the submitted material is a visual presentation of the created part of the façade on the specified facility. All the visual and textual submission materials must be presented in PDF format only, in high resolution suitable for high-quality print such as catalogues, brochures, etc.

  • The entries ought to be submitted no later than 31 October 2020 in electronic format only and to the following e-mail addresses: gordana.biba.markovic@gmail.com, pressoffice@zepteritaly.com and via https://wetransfer.com.

A complete application form filled in from the Artzept competition site page at https://www.artzept.com.


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