Who We Are

‘ThRivE’ is a non-profit that strives to bridge the wide gap in access to opportunities, hence, ensuring to the best of our abilities, no individual on the face of the planet is disadvantaged in access, unless by choice. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to life-changing opportunities, connect with like-minded youths and individuals and harness to the best of their abilities all potentials within their reach.



A Timeless Hub that Revamps Inspirations, Visions and Evolves mindsets to soar.


T- Timeless

H- Hub to

R- Revamp

I- Inspirations

V- Visions &

E- Evolve mindsets


At ‘ThRivE’, we believe lighting the candles of others, won’t blow yours out: We all can thrive irrespective of our differences. Question is ‘are you willing to’?

What We Do

ThRivE Opportunities

An opportunity discovery channel, that disseminates opportunities like Conferences, Fellowships, Scholarships, Exchange Programs etc. online for FREE on ‘thriveopportunities.org’, in a bid to ensure everyone has access to them. We believe limitations centered around our births shouldn’t stop anyone from being equipped to contribute maximally to the growth and betterment of his environment and lives around them respectively.

ThRivE Plant A Tree 

(ThRivE PAT)

Youth-led Global Tree Planting Campaign aimed

at achieving balance in the environment and curbing

the effect of climate change through Afforestation.


We realize International cooperation is the answer to growth and development. However, before the global platform is the individual relationship platform: We believe there is the need for better cordial relationship to be fostered. Hence, a platform which aims/provides to offer stimulating balanced interpersonal relationships and practical know-hows of enjoying healthy balanced relationships.

ThRivE Youth Empowerment Platform 

(ThRivE YEP)

A skills acquisition initiative strategically designed for African youths, hence, empowering them and helping to create jobs which would further contribute to individual nation's Gross domestic product, i.e. boost economic growth.

ThRivE Global Essay Competition 
(ThRivE GEC)

 Annual Essay competition on selected ‘Sustainable Development Goals’, so as to draw awareness to the urgent need for active steps

to be taken.

Meet The Team

Alfiatu Z Kamara

Founder & Executive



Yushawu Rahima

Co-founder & International

Administrative  Director

Victor Adeleke Afolayan

Co-founder & Operations


Bertha Mumba

International Programs &

Logistics Director

Benevolence Mbano

International Partnership &

Public Relations Director 

“Lighting the candle of others won’t blow yours out" - Al